Pest Control
Be it rats, mice, pigeons or any number of insects - trust Complete Environmental for total pest elimination.

Rat, Mouse & Vermin Control, Extermination & Disposal

Rat, Mouse & Vermin Control

Complete Trauma Cleaning provide a complete rat, mouse and vermin control, extermination & disposal service.

Complete Trauma Cleaning have extensive experience in eliminating rats & mice from your property as well as giving good advice about how to stop the infestation from reoccurring.

In the home, in the workplace and from land both public and private we offer a complete rat & mouse control solution.

Rats & mice spread numerous diseases such as Salmonella, Hantavirus and Weil's disease and can be seriously damaging to your health, business can also run the risk of being shut down by the local authority or particularly in the case of restaurants, loss of customer trust and subsequent closure.

We will come and inspect for rodents & mice, trap and dispose and provide useful rodent proofing advice. Businesses can arrange scheduled service visits to prevent further outbreaks.

For more information regarding rat, mouse or vermin control, extermination or disposal for Midlands, the surrounding towns & villages or anywhere else in the UK, please contact us or visit our dedicated pest control website.