Trauma Cleaning
Trauma Cleaning often deals with accidental deaths, suicides, murders & other unfortunate incidents.

Natural & Traumatic Event Cleaning

Natural & Traumatic Event Cleanup & Decontamination

Complete Trauma Cleaning provide a natural & traumatic event cleanup and decontamination service for customers in Midlands, the surrounding area and the rest of the UK.

Natural & Traumatic Event Cleanup involves the removal and cleaning or disposal of items that have been contaminated with body fluids / blood, or tissue matter as a result of an accident, suicide, murder or natural causes. In the event of an accident, suicide, unattended death or murder, the removal and cleaning up of the blood and body fluids becomes the responsibility of the victims family, employer, building owner and so on. Many people assume it is the responsibility of the police, or local authority. The truth is that this is rarely not the case.

These type of situations are not pleasant for the family who are often confused, upset and in shock and once the emergency services have left, are often forced to deal with the aftermath which piles even more pressure on them. Complete Trauma Cleaning have vast experience in situations like these and will deal with everything on your behalf and always conduct themselves in a professional, respectful, understanding and sympathetic manner at all times.

As well as cleaning the obvious area that has been contaminated, we also perform a thorough deep clean, especially in areas that the untrained eye would not see such as grout, cement, upholstery, carpeting & flooring all have the potential to emanate death odors if they have been contaminated due to the decomposition of human body fluids / blood, and tissue. Complete Trauma Cleaning use professional-grade decontaminants to make safe potential biological hazards.

Complete Trauma Cleaning are a team of highly trained specialists, whose training with the National Academy of Crime Scene Cleaners allow them to offer remediating to areas that have been contaminated with bodily fluids and human tissue; areas the untrained eye would not see.

This service would usually be requested after there has been an accident or fatality in the workplace where blood and other bodily fluids have been left at the scene.

Our natural & traumatic event cleaning service cover (but not limited to) the following events:-

  • Murders
  • Natural Deaths
  • Suicide Cleanup
  • Traumatic Event Cleaning

We are happy to work with the family by dealing quickly, compassionately and effectively with the aftermath of any murder, suicide or traumatic event in the home or workplace. Our team are sensitive to the grief that situations such as this causes, and will thoroughly explain the process that may be required for any particular situation.

For more information regarding our natural & traumatic event cleanup & decontamination service for Midlands, the surrounding towns & villages or anywhere else in the UK, please contact us.