Extreme Cleaning
Extreme Cleaning often deals with strange smells, vast amounts of rubbish & drug paraphernalia.

Flood & Fire Flood Restoration

Fire & Flood Restoration

Flood Restoration

Although your home may not be as badly affected as the image above, the fundamentals are the same and it is important to understand the implications of water damage to the fabric of a building - these not only include short term remediation work but also the long term impact of what can be expected when a building gets wet.

We find that in the vast majority of cases we visit where previous water damage has occurred, that repairs to flood affected buildings have been carried out by general building contractors who unfortunately, have had little or no understanding of the long term effects caused by flood damage.

Complete Trauma Services are specialists when it comes to repairing buildings affected by water, we understand the short term effects and the long term issues and can be called upon to provide high quality flood remediation works, as well as the specialist advice and guidance required to dry out a building and preventing decay following a flood. Where buildings are affected by other forms of contamination introduced by flood water, our specialist decontamination services can ensure that building is returned to you safe and in pristine condition.

Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration

In the aftermath of a fire, it is imperative that the arduous cleanup task begins as soon as possible, this requires the use of specialist equipment and knowledge to help prevent further damage to the property & and restore the property to a pre-loss state.

There are several different types of fire and the most effective method of restoration is only carried out after analyzing the type of fire and damage that the incident has caused. In serious cases, this may involve the use of personal protective equipment to protect our staff from the potentially corrosive & carcinogenic residue which is left over.

We have the skills, knowledge and expertise to restore your home to its former glory and can deal directly with loss adjusters if required.

For more information regarding our flood restoration & cleanup or fire restoration & cleanup services in Midlands, the surrounding towns & villages or anywhere else in the UK, please contact us.