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We offer professional Bird Control services to customers in Ewen.

Ewen Bird Control

Midlands Trauma Cleaning provide a professional Bird Control service to business customers & individuals in Ewen and the surrounding area.

Some of the professional trauma cleaning, extreme cleaning and crime scene cleaning services we offer in the Ewen area include (but are not limited to) the following:-

Bird Control in Ewen

Pigeons & urban birds can be a serious menace, especially in concentrated urban populations posing a very real risk to health, damage to foodstuffs & crops, defacing buildings and increase maintenance bills.

Pigeons & urban birds carry a wide range of bacteria such as samonella, psittacosis and ornithosis ( potentially fatal type of influenza in humans) Their nests also promote secondary infestations of unpleasant insects and mites. There is also an increased risk of accidents caused by slippery, bird fouled pavements and staircases which for business could result in legal action should somebody fall and hurt themselves.

In the food industry birds can cause untold damage, particularly in the light of today’s stringent food safety regulations, by contaminating foodstuffs with their droppings, feathers and dirt.

We can help with control and prevention of feral pigeons & urban birds with a comprehensive range of services for the removal of accumulated droppings, carcasses and nesting materials hygienically without risk to health.

We operate fully to the requirements of the RSPCA and DEFRA and utilise industry best practice guidlines.

As well as offering Bird Control in Ewen we also offer Bird Control to the nearby areas of Kemble, Oaksey, Somerford Keynes, Siddington, Tarlton, Coates, South Cerney, Preston, Ashton Keynes, Crudwell, Rodmarton, Minety, Hankerton, Ashley, Cirencester, Charlton, Daglingworth, Sapperton, Ampney Crucis,